NAWCC Bulletin No. 88: October 1960

Bulletin of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, Inc.

Table of Contents

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362 – Examples of New Hampshire Timepieces by Charles S. Parsons
380 – Grandmother Clocks by William L. Wadleigh Jr.
391 – Davies Patent Lever and Pinned Count Wheels by C. W. Burnham
416 – The Cathedral Clock at Lyon by David R. Proper
370 – A Watch by P. Bramer En Zoon, Amsterdam by Harry S. Blaine
385 – The Railroad Watch by Harrison F. and Mary E. Babcock
396 – My Favorite Watches (Part Five) by Charles Kalish
408 – A Vignette—August E. Senhauser, Technician and Inventor
414 – More Random Notes by Hamilton E. Pease
373 – The Ancestry and Evolution of the Watch by W. E. Pickren
388 – How To Do It! (Making a Plastic Display Case by C. Kay
406 – Horology and Real Estate by Charles Rosenberg
410 – Some Old London Museums and Collections by Joseph Sternfeld
421 – New Members
431 – Vox Temporis
437 – Review of Current Periodicals
447 – Chapter Activities

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