NAWCC Bulletin No. 84: February 1960

Bulletin of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, Inc.

Table of Contents

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102 – Howard Clock Stores—Japanese Edition by T. Asahina and R. Katsumori
123 – Vienna and Viennese-Styled Regulators by Dana J. Blackwell
135 – Simon Willard’s Patented Timepiece by W. L. Wadleigh Jr.
144 – All That We Did Was to Ask a Question by Willard I. Andrews
153 – A Silas Burnham Terry Regulator by Wesley G. Harding
159 – The “Improved Timepiece” by Edwin B. Burt
167 – Is This a Willard Timepiece? by Lockwood Barr
171 – Notes on the Determination of Pendulum Length by Robert A. Moore
109 – My Favorite Watches (Part Two) by Charles Kalish
132 – The Meek Chronometer by James W. Gibbs
158 – The Tremont Watch Company by Joseph Dean
169 – Jamin’s Electromagnetic Detent Escapement by Prof. George Garbe
129 – A Few Adventuresome Watchmakers on the West Coast of North America in the Eighteenth Century by L. G. Wilson
137 – Shadow, Sand, and Water by Charles Rosenberg
142 – New Members
148 – Time and Taverns by Victor Gilbert
155 – Collection Side Lights by J. E. Coleman
166 – Damage to Imported Articles by Harry S. Blaine
175 – Vox Temporis
177 – British Collector Tour Continent
179 – Review of Current Periodicals
181 – Chapter Activities

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