NAWCC Bulletin No. 95: December 1961

Bulletin of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, Inc.

Table of Contents

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11 – New Hampshire “Strikers” by Charles S. Parsons
37 – “A Rather Unusual Clock” by Edwin Pugsley
44 – How To Do It! (Refurbishing a Pillar-and-Scroll Clock) by E. R. Haan
67 – Some Clocks from the Model Engineer by Charles Kalish
27 – Waltham Watches … or are they Howards? by Wesley R. Hauptman
42 – A Study of the Movement of the “Peter Henlein” Watch by Claude Blanc
52 – The BULLETIN Visits … The Collection of Sol Williams by R. F. Perotti
3 – Time Balls by W. Barclay Stephens, M. D.
64 – The Richmond Story (1962 Convention Promotion)
71 – The Answer Box
78 – New Members Admitted
84 – Review of Current Periodicals
85 – A Literary Watch Problem by David R. Proper
86 – Book Review
87 – Chapter Activities

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