NAWCC Bulletin No. 94: October 1961

Bulletin of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, Inc.

Table of Contents

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879 - More about Early English Lantern Clocks by “Bill” Brewer
892 – A Member Expounds on His Own Clock by Adolph Amend Jr.
895 – “The Voice in the Night” by G. T. Mc Cready
899 – Some People Collect Clocks (excerpted from the Christian Science Monitor)
941 – A Short History of Dial Recorders by Alan C. Sayles
900 – My Favorite Watches (Part Ten) by Charles Kalish
862 – The Ingersolls, the Daniells, and the Dollar Watch by Charles Kalish
869 – “Poor John Fitch” by Ernest A. Cramer
877 – A Vignette (Joseph L. Reeves) by James W. Gibbs
886 – The BULLETIN Visits … The Collection of G. H. Bell
897 – New Members Admitted
910 – Convention Highlights—1961 Edition
913 – Meetings and Reports—1961 Convention
921 – “Sights and Sounds” at the 1961 Convention
925 – How To Do It! (Drilling a Hole in Glass) by F. A. Babcock
927 – Vox Temporis
935 – Charles A. Smith, Vermont Clock Genius by David R. Proper
939 – Review of Current Periodicals
943 – Book Review
944 – Chapter Activities

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