NAWCC Bulletin No. 90: February 1961

Bulletin of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, Inc.

Table of Contents

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542 - Clockmakers and Watchmakers of Western Pennsylvania by George Swetnam
559 – Some Points on Determining the Authenticity of Various Parts of a Clock by William L. Wadleigh Jr.
579 – An English Lantern Clock by That Celebrated Maker—Daniel Quare, London by Bill Brewer
592 – A Battery-Powered Clock by Bill Burnham
610 – Howard Clock Stories by T. Asahina and R. Katsumori
628 – Clock Regulation Made Easy by E. J. Tyler
634 – A Solution for Circular Error by Richard Borghi
553 - Notes on Overhauling a Repeater by Hugh P. Abrey
564 – Duplex Watches by Dana J. Blackwell
595 – The BULLETIN Visits … The Collection of James W. Gibbs (Second of Two Parts)
636 – My Favorite Watches (Part 7) by Charles Kalish
557 – An Appreciation —Oscar Theodore Lang by John A. Miner
572 – Details of the 1961 Tour (Rates appear on page 578)
584 – A Vignette—Henry Abbott by William C. Moodie Sr.
616 – New Members
619 – Clocks at Mystic Seaport by Edwin Pugsley
632 – A Memorial to Our First Secretary-Treasurer-Editor—Lawrence D. Stallcup by J. E. Coleman
647 – An Early 18th Century Alarm Clock from the George Garbe Collection
648 – Vox Temporis
654 – Review of Current Periodicals
659 – Book Review
660 – Chapter Activities
676 – Extension of Makers’ List by Brooks Palmer

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