NAWCC Bulletin No. 100: October 1962

Bulletin of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, Inc.

Table of Contents

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421 – The Stanford Products Company of San Francisco, Calif. by George Theobald
425 – The Engine-Room Clock of the Steamer Mount Hope by Hamilton E. Pease
434 – Scorn Not the Lowly Mantel Clock by Frank R. Mills
436 – How To Do It! Let’s Repair Wood Movements by E. J. Zohner
440 – My Favorite Watches (Final part of twelve) by Charles Kalish
417 – The Dead-Beat Escapement of Charles Frodsham (Second of two parts), a commentary by G. T. Mc Cready
399 – Some Unusual Devices Are Keeping Track of Time These Days
by James W. Gibbs
404 – North American Time by C. W. (Bill) Burnham
407 – The Death of “Tick-Tock Town” by Joseph L. Reeves
416 – The Old Town Clock of Tarrytown, N. Y. submitted by Paul R. de Magnin
420 – Review of Current Periodicals
424 – Rediscover Your Collection by Bruce A. Kock
427 – The BULLETIN Visits … The Collection of the Bily Brothers by R. F. Perotti
446 – Book Review
447 – Library Committee Page
452 – Vox Temporis
466 – New Members Admitted
469 – The Answer Box
478 – Chapter Activities

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