NAWCC Bulletin No. 97: April 1962

Bulletin of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, Inc.

Table of Contents

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200 – Miniature Clocks by William L. Wadleigh Jr.
225 – A Cable Routing Device for Weight-Driven Clocks by G. T. McCready
191 – Watch Jewels of the Past by Alvin A. Kleeb
208 – A Memorial to Dr. Barclay Stephens
210 – New Jersey and Its Place in the World of Clocks and Watches by William E. Drost
214 – The BULLETIN Visits … The Collection of Chester W. Howard by Charles Kalish
228 – A Vignette … Herman H. Seff by Bertha J. Seff
232 – The Richmond Story (1962 Convention Promotion)
237 – New Members Admitted
240 – How To Do It! (Building a Miniature Grandfather Clock) by I. L. Berrien
242 – The Answer Box
250 – Vox Temporis
255 – Review of Current Periodicals
256 – Book Review
257 – Chapter Activities

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