NAWCC Bulletin No. 105: August 1963

Bulletin of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, Inc.

Table of Contents

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788 – The Skeleton or Visible Clock by F. B. Royer-Collard, FBHI
818 – A Simon Willard Case by John Seymour by David R. Proper
822 – Why Do I Collect Clocks? by Arthur McDowell
806 – A Look into the Past by Hamilton E. Pease
820 – How To Do It! Let’s Make a Demagnetizer by Warren A. Salmon
828 – My Favorite Watches (Addenda #1) by Charles Kalish
803 – Ahead, Behind—Fast Slow—Gaining, Losing—Plus, Minus by G. T. McCready
809 – Daniel Burnap—Master Clockmaker by George Dudley Seymour
(Second of two parts)
825 – A Mortician Collector (John A. Mies) by Dorothy Severns
835 – Meetings and Reports, 1963 Convention
846 – Answer Box
861 – Vox Temporis
868 – New Members Admitted
872 – Library Committee Page
873 – Chapter Activities

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