NAWCC Bulletin No. 112: October 1964

Bulletin of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, Inc.

Table of Contents

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447 – Eugene L. Fitch and the Plato Clock by Charles O. Terwilliger Jr.
467 – About Cuckoo Clocks by James B. P. Green
473 – Points in the Career of Chauncey Jerome by David R. Proper
478 – I Consider This To Be an Unusual Clock by C. L. Dey
484 – Hiram Welton—Two Small Weight-Driven Timepieces by F. H. McMillan
486 – A “Bensel Gas-Light Clock” by Fred S. Smith
433 – “1764-1964” by Hamilton E. Pease
522 – “Easy Steps for Little Feet” (A Picture Story of Making a Verge)
by Jesse D. Cannon
475 – Notes on Pendulums by L. M. Leeds
426 – Clocks, Watches, Collectors, People, and Legends by J. E. Coleman
439 – The Babcocks—Mary and Harrison—and Webb C. Ball by William E. Miether
461 – Clockmakers and Watchmakers of Canada (List) submitted by Craig M. Hartley
472 – Hickory, Dickory, Dock by Robert A. Franks Jr.
487 – Answer Box
504 – The Clockmaker’s Notebook
514 – Library Committee Page
515 – Vox Temporis
519 – How To Do It! A Source of Spring Steel; When Grandpa Doesn’t Choose To Run; An Unusual Pendulum; Setting Up a Wood Movement Strike Train; Swinging Pendulum Suspension Spring Repair; A Picture Story of How To Make a Watch Verge
525 – New Members
529 – Book Review
530 – Chapter Activities

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