NAWCC Bulletin No. 111: August 1964

Bulletin of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, Inc.

Table of Contents

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313 – A Different Atkins Thirty-Day Fusee by F. H. McMillan
323 – Some Interesting Features of a Wm. Cummens Tall Clock by L. W. Kattelle
316 – Repeaters without the Small Train (Excerpt)
351 – An Otto H. Fasoldt Watchpaper by Francis S. Clamitz
306 – America’s Most Historic Clock (Independence Hall, Phila.): Its Fate and Its Descendants by James W. Gibbs
315 – A Tower Clock—A Young Man—And an Ideal (A Vignette of J. Ch. Zima) by Henry B. Fried
317 – Place a Bookmark Here (List of Furniture Periods) by Jean Louis Roehrich
321 – A Need Exists (List of Clockmakers) by E. P. Mampe
325 – “Daly Time” (The Joe Daly Collection) by Dorothy Severns
329 – Answer Box
336 – Meetings and Reports, 1964 Convention
348 – NAWCC’s Visit to the “Land of the Sky” by Tommy Hall
352 – Vox Temporis
360 – Book Review
364 – The Clockmaker’s Notebook
377 – How To Do It! The Use of Tallow; Wood Gears and Pinions—“The Hard Way”; Increasing Friction; Litter Bugs and Clock Repairs; Sheet Lead and Weight Cores
380 – New Members
384 – Regional Meeting Promotion
386 – Library Committee Page
387 – Chapter Activities

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