NAWCC Bulletin No. 109: April 1964

Bulletin of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, Inc.

Table of Contents

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210 – More Miniature Clocks by William L. Wadleigh Jr.
228 – Joseph Ives’ Thirty Hour, Wood, Roller Pinion Movements by F. H. McMillan
245 – My Adventures with a “What-Is-It” by George Fred Pelham II
262 – About Clocks and France by Walter C. Gossling
170 – The American Watch Company by Wesley R. Hauptman
224 – Watch Hands (The History of J. H. Winn Inc.) by James W. Gibbs
217 – The Huber-Mudge Constant Force Escapement by T. P. Camerer Cuss
222 – The “Head House” Clock by Robert A. Franks
230 – A Vignette … William Doke by George H. Parris
238 – Vox Temporis
248 – Answer Box
264 – The Clockmaker’s Notebook
268 – New Members
273 – How To Do It! Pendulum Repair. Cleaning Lacquered Brass. Main Spring Changed in Two-Plate Movement. What Kind of Wood? Case Finishing Ideas
276 – Museums and Exhibitions
281 – Chapter Activities
303 – For … From … By … The NAWCC Ladies

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