NAWCC Bulletin No. 119: December 1965

Bulletin of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, Inc.

Table of Contents

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26 – Brass Movement Clocks Made by Eli Terry Jr. by F. H. McMillan
40 – Orsamus Roman Fyler—An Elusive Clockmaker by Richard F. O’Connell
6 – Hamilton Watch Company, Lancaster, Penna., USA—Some Notes on Its Founding and History (Part II) by Robert Irving McCollough
38 – An Early “Railroad Watch” by Albert O. Dodge
30 – A Layman’s View of Time Determination by L. M. Leeds
2 – The President’s Message
35 – A Member You Should Know—Carl J. Hallgren by William E. Drost
44 – “… and so went to Europe in ’65” by Walter M. Roberts and Anthony J. Sposato
50 – Vox Temporis
54 – The Clockmaker’s Notebook
68 – New Members
75 – How To Do It! How To Make Bobs from Knobs. How To Make a Handy Clock Oiler. An Aid to Refinement in Clock Regulation. A Method by Which Marble Clock Cases May Be Repaired. How To Make an Individual Clock Shelf
80 – 1966 Convention Program at Cleveland
82 – Book Review
84 – Answer Box
93 – Library Committee Page
94 – Chapter Activities

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