NAWCC Bulletin No. 118: October 1965

Bulletin of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, Inc.

Table of Contents

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914 – Silas B. Terry’s Early One-Day Shelf Clocks by F. H. McMillan
923 – Masonic Symbolism in Clock Dial and Case by H. J. Hicks
925 – Cast Front Clock Cases (Excerpts from a Letter from J. R. Shawn)
920 – Dual Character Watches by Hamilton E. Pease
985 – Many Questions—Many Watches (Part of Answer Box)
919 – Library Committee Page
929 – How Time Was “Kept” Aboard a Man-of-War in the Year 1703
by Jean Louis Roehrich
930 – Book Review
934 – Horological Treasure Guardians (Time Locks)—Third of Three Parts
by James W. Gibbs
971 – New Members
977 – Answer Box
990 – Vox Temporis
997 – Chapter Activities
1021 – A Suggested Guide for Making Chapter Meetings Interesting and Informative compiled by the Membership Committee—First of Two Parts
950 – The Clockmaker’s Notebook—Wheel and Pinion Cutting, Part I

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