NAWCC Bulletin No. 126: February 1967

Bulletin of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, Inc.

Table of Contents

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691 – About Those Black Forest Clocks by R. C. Williamson
720 – “Fashion” Calendar Clocks Compared by Gerald Siegel
743 – An English Sharp Gothic Clock by Kenneth D. Roberts
756 – Is It a Ship’s Clock? by Francis R. Crouch
761 – Let’s Make a Wagon-Spring Clock (Part III) (Conclusion) by LaCelle, Grimshaw, and Visnyei
772 – Addendum to Asa Munger’s Shelf Clocks by F. H. McMillan
709 – A Robert Roskell Marine Chronometer by Adolph Amend
731 – My Guide for Collecting Old American Watches by Edward J. Trapp
758 – Hamilton Watch Company, Lancaster, Penna., USA—Some Notes on Its Founding and History (Part IV) (Conclusion) by Robert Irving McCollough
712 – Early Delaware Clockmakers by James W. Gibbs
719 – Cross-Reference for the BULLETIN Reprints
733 – Birmingham Botanical Gardens Floral Clock by O. W. Fraser
737 – San Francisco Convention Program and Notes
751 – Meet Member 12000 (Arnold Kobs) by Mrs. Arnold Kobs
742 – What Are They? (Pseudotimepieces) by Mr. Barny
770 – “Clock Talk” by Elizabeth Andrews Fisher
775 – Vox Temporis
777 – Library Committee Page
778 – New Members
787 – Chapter Activities
716 – Mr. Harrison and His Number Four Chronometer by Darrell D. McKibbin

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