NAWCC Bulletin No. 137: December 1968

Bulletin of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, Inc.

Table of Contents

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639 – A One-of-a-Kind Clock by Adolph Amend Jr.
658 – “Three-Faced Tower Clock” by M. C. Hall
665 – Two Mysteries Unsolved by Michael Baker
627 – The Hobby, the Movement and the Case by Warren H. Niebling
654 – “Peter Litherland And Co.—Number 12”—An Early Straight Line Rack Lever Watch by F. H. McMillan
660 – English or Dutch by Douglas Caulkins
662 – A Sun-Day Watch by Jean Louis Roehrich
614 – Fusees in Clocks—Part I—Function, History, Design by D. H. Shaffer, PhD
645 – “How to Trim for Fun and Profit” by Donald E. Wiesenberg
647 – How I Made a Lantern Clock by Hermann H. Knie
635 – Book Review
668 – Convention Promotion, Program, and Reservation Data
671 – Answer Box
680 – Vox Temporis
684 – New Members
694 – Presidential Proclamation, Result of Referendum
695 – Library Committee Page
698 – Chapter Activities

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