NAWCC Bulletin No. 133: April 1968

Bulletin of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, Inc.

Table of Contents

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227 – “Frederick Heisely Strikes Again, Or, After You, Mr. Heisely!”
by E. F. La Fond Jr.
262 – Howard Banjos and Figure-Eights by Gerald Siegel
251 – The Remontoire by Leonard Paller (Drawings by Ted Denton)
272 – “Modern Antique” Watch Keys by E. H. Parkhurst Jr.
256 – Seth Thomas, a Yankee Clockmaker, 1785-1859 (Part One) by John R. Sangster
276 – Delightful Adventures with Clocks by M. Rusk McKinnie
279 – Horological Tour of Philadelphia (Conclusion) by James W. Gibbs
283 – Convention Promotion
287 – A Tour of the Tower Clock of the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company by Irving Cooperman
298 – How to Make a Sawdust Shaker by J. M. Haviland
299 – The Answer Box
307 – Vox Temporis
312 – “Clock Talk” (The Feminine Point of View) by Elizabeth Andrews Fisher
314 – New Members
323 – Library Committee Page
326 – Chapter Activities
360 – A Female Beginner’s Thoughts by Mrs. R. E. Hilliger

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