NAWCC Bulletin No. 141: August 1969

Bulletin of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, Inc.

Table of Contents

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990 – Asa Munger Shelf Clock Production at Auburn State Prison by Kenneth D. Roberts
1005 – Early Trans-Allegheny Clock Factories by James W. Gibbs
1022 – A Spring-Driven Weight Clock by Howard G. MacMillan Jr.
1002 – A History of the American Watchcase (Part I) by Warren H. Niebling
1016 – A “Continental Duplex” of High Quality by F. H. McMillan
1019 – “The Problem of Chestnut Street” (A Defense of Eugene Paulus and the Philadelphia Watch Company) by William Muir
980 – A Digital Clock With No Moving Parts by Paul Horowitz
1011 – How to Identify Clocks by Their Movement Characteristics by J. R. Balt
1024 – Wanted: One Horse or Two Boys (Benjamin Willard) by Kenneth A. Fox
1026 – Meetings and Reports, 1969 Convention
1045 – List of Program Material
1046 – Answer Box
1048 – Vox Temporis
1059 – Library Committee Pages
1062 – New Members
1084 – Chapter Activities

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