Company Records

The online compay records include tower clock records for E. Howard and Seth Thomas as well as serial number searches for Waltham and Hamilton. 

E. Howard Company Records

The NAWCC Library & Research Center partnered with the Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of American History Archives Center to digitize and make available the clock records of E. Howard Company. While the creation of useable finding aids for these records will take time, the NAWCC Library & Research Center is committed to making these records available for researchers as quickly as possible. This project has been generously funded by several NAWCC Members and Chapters.

Seth Thomas Tower Clock Records

These volumes record the tower clocks produced and sold by the Seth Thomas Tower Clock Company from the years 1873 to 1941. This project has been generously funded by several NAWCC Members and Chapters.


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Hamilton Timely Topics

Hamilton’s Timely Topics newsletter began in 1943 to keep Hamilton employees in Lancaster and overseas up to date on the latest news from the companies' various departments and the role Hamilton was playing in the war effort. The early issues are filled with a combination of news from the various departments, wedding and birth announcements, stats from the various company sports leagues, articles about the importance of Hamilton to the war effort, news from employees serving overseas, and tips for making the most of one’s victory garden. After the war, Timely Topics continued to report news and stories about the company and its employees’ activities and seems to have ceased publication around 1970. It was revived in 1979 and ran for several years before stopping again and being revived yet again in 1997 as the company’s newsletter.