Below are examples of timepieces that will be presented and discussed
at the 2011 Ward Francillon Time Symposium.

30-hour tall clock by A. (Ansell), Merrell, ca. 1827

30-hour tall clock by Alvah Hart & Robinson, Truesdale, ca. 1831

Dial by A. Hart, Brookfield, ca. 1829
30-hour tall clock movement and dial, Phineas Demming, Vienna, ca. 1829

30-hour wooden works by Allison Turner, Ashtabula, ca. 1839

Hart & Truesdale patent clock

William Hartson, Hartford, ca. 1833

Selah Whiting, Wayne, ca. 1832

Neon clock made by Neon Products in the 1940s for "Key Work Clothes"

Dueber Hampden chronometer, Canton, ca. 1924

Hampden Watch Company, Canton, ca. 1901