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July/August 2013 Cryptogram
1. My realm is small and infinitely wide. 2. My name is time. 3) I am the time that crawls and speeds. 4) I cause and heal the wounds that bleed. 5) I have no heart, I cannot see. 6) And good and bad are naught to me. 7) To me, they are one in unity. 8) I bear no hate and pity none. 9) I am TIME.

May/June 2013 Cryptogram
The old tower clock shows an example of “high time” at “high noon.”

March/April 2013 Cryptogram
A flea market find – a flea on a Scotty dog clock!

January/February 2013 Cryptogram
Typically, the life of the horologist is far too short and burdened already, so do not let one of your misplaced watches or clocks tick you off.

November/December 2012 Cryptogram
What opera features a musical watch in its plot? The answer to this question is Die Fledermaus.

September/October 2012 Cryptogram
Peter Pan observed that Capt’n Hook had a problem with clocks and crocodiles.

July/August 2012 Cryptogram
The pendulum swings to and fro, but time marches on!

May/June 2012 Cryptogram
The United States Postal Service just published a ten cent stamp on the American clock and the hands on the clock read eight twenty two.

March/April 2012 Cryptogram
Horologomaniacs often become excited studying timepieces.

January/February 2012 Cryptogram
The clockmaker does not shirk his duty. He pulls his own weight.

October 2011 Cryptogram
A blonde acquired two new dogs. She named one dog Rolex and the other Timex. They are watch dogs.

August 2011 Cryptogram
Agatha Christie, the queen of crime, wrote a book named “The Seven Dials Mystery.”

June 2011 Cryptogram
Does your timepiece say “Tok Tik” when the verge is reversed?

April 2011 Cryptogram
The Roman number four, on many old clocks, is just four straight lines.

February 2011 Cryptogram
What kind of clock has wheels and travels but has no drive? A carriage clock!

December 2010 Cryptogram
High quality watch movements with Geneva stripes and lustrous polished edges are joyful to behold.
Bonus: The man awoke at midnight in time to hear the last strike of twelve. A half hour later he heard the clock strike twelve thirty. A half hour later he heard it strike one. A half hour later he heard it strike one thirty. A half hour later the clock began to strike two, but he fell asleep after the first stroke and didn’t hear the second stroke.

October 2010 Cryptogram
The sand glass was named clepsammia very long ago.
Bonus jumble answer: A clock requires five seconds to strike six. How long does it take to strike 12?
Bonus jumble question answer: 11 seconds. There is one second between strokes of the bell, so to strike six, it takes five seconds, and to strike twelve it takes eleven seconds. There is always one second less than the number of seconds.

August 2010 Cryptogram
What does a clock do when it is hungry? It goes back four seconds.

June 2010 Cryptogram
Some of the metals used in horology are bell metal, brass, bronze, copper, and gunmetal, iron, silver, steel, and gold.

April 2010 Cryptogram
The air was so cold and clear we heard the courthouse clock clank, rattle and strain before it struck the hour.

February 2010 Cryptogram
1. If you could turn back your life by turning back all of your clocks, would you?
2. The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.

December 2009 Cryptogram
1. As the holidays approach, remember – there’s no present like the time.
2. The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time.
October 2009 Cryptogram
Old clockmakers never die, they just come timeless.

August 2009 MART Cryptogram
Tolerant Tony tentatively tried to tell time by slavishly studying silly Sam’s sensitive sundial.

June 2009 MART Cryptogram
Whenever Mr. Squirrel sees an acorn clock for sale, he goes absolutely “nuts.”